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[PVS-Help] help me!

   I am a beginner,could you help me ?
   when I use the PVS,the following error happens,what shall I do??Thanks 

[root@gychawk gychawk]# ./bin/relocate
Setting PVSPATH in the "pvs" shell script to /home/gychawk
If this is not the right path, edit the "pvs" script
[root@gychawk gychawk]# ./pvs
./pvs: line 187: [: too many arguments
./pvs: line 200: [: too many arguments
./pvs: line 203: [: too many arguments
Cannot find /home/gychawk/bin/ix86-redhatRed Hat Linux release 9 
Check the values of PVSPATH and PVSLISP
[root@gychawk gychawk]#

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