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Canm't launch PVS


Following the installation instructions I ran:

[ 6 ] PVS -: bin/relocate 
Setting PVSPATH in the "pvs" shell script to /n/brio/v/zandrawi/tools/PVS
If this is not the right path, edit the "pvs" script
[ 7 ] PVS -: pvs
pvs: line 187: [: too many arguments
pvs: line 200: [: too many arguments
pvs: line 203: [: too many arguments
Cannot find /n/brio/v/zandrawi/tools/PVS/bin/ix86-redhatRed Hat Linux 
release 9 (Shrike)/runtime/
Check the values of PVSPATH and PVSLISP

What is the problem??

Zaher S Andraus ACAL/EECS
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor