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License as ASCII text?


first of all, let me thank you for making PVS available. I just
discovered it and I'm quite excited about it. So, thanks! :-)

I have a problem, though: I want to make a package for Gentoo Linux
(http://gentoo.org), so that Gentoo users can install PVS through the
package manager. For that, I need the license of the package to be
registered in the system, so that users are informed about it, etc.

All licenses contained in Gentoo so far are text files, but your
license file is only available in Postscript, PDF, etc. So I wonder:
Do you have a text version somewhere, which I could use for this
purpose? (The package will install the PS-version of the license in
any case, I need the text version in _addition_ to it.)


P. S.: My own signed license is on its way to you.