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pb with datatype and instance of datatype


i have thise datatype

	name: TYPE+
	natural : type -> nat 
	integer : type -> int 
	real:  real
	string :  string
	booleen : type -> bool 

	base_type : DATATYPE
		bname (v: name) : bname?
		bnat (w: natural) : bnat?
		bint (x:integer) : bint?
		breal (y : real) : breal?
		bstring (z: string) : bstring?
		bbool (a: booleen) : bbool?
	end base_type

and i have this one

connection[t : type] : DATATYPE

	new: new?
END connection

the problem is that i can't do this :

	a : base_type -> bname(n) n is declared before
	b : connection[a]

this no match 

please help me

thx for answer