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Installation problems GLIB_2.0

I have installed PVS and attempted to configure it, but I am getting the 
following error:

Starting pvs-allegro6.2 -qq ...
dlopen(/usr/local/pvs/bin/ix86-redhat5/runtime/libac1623.so, mode) 
error: /usr/local/pvs/bin/ix86-redhat5/runtime/libac1623.so: symbol 
errno, version GLIB_2.0 not defined in file libc.so.6 with link time 

Unfortunately, I have very little experience with installing and 
configuring things in Linux. I am normally just a user. Can anyone tell 
me what the error means and how I might fix it?

I'm running Red Hat Linux 9 and PVS 3.1.


Mike Greiner