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Re: "Trouble loading ICS, so it is not available."

Hi Tom,

ICS is a new decision procedure that is being built at SRI, and an
experimental version of it is included in PVS 3.0.  It's a bit sensitive
about the versions of various libraries, and that is why you saw that
message.  It is not needed, as the standard decision procedures are still
there, and will be for a long time.  The PVS 3.0 release notes explain
some of this, and you can find out more about ICS at


> I get the Emacs message "Trouble loading ICS, so it is not available."  when
> starting PVS 3.0.  What is ICS?  Does it matter?  Klaus Havelund ran a
> simple proof that worked.  I'm running Emacs 20.4.1, Linux Mandrake 6.1, tcl
> 8.0.
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