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help in data sturcture

Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 07:13:58 -0700 (PDT)
From: MR Hoo Umeye 
Subject: a request to solve data structure problems
To: rbaeza@dcc.uchile.cl

dear sir


i am a student of MCA ( MASTERS IN COMPUTER


i have some problems relating data structure which i
really would like to be solved because i could 

not find any of them in the numerous books i reffered 


i shall be very very greatefull if u could send me the
solutions or guide me 


this is very important for me sir it means life to me 


i hope you will be kind enough to help me 

alternativly you could send me some websites or e mail
of people who could be helpfull



thanking you 


shalabh jaiswal



here are the questions 

a ) consider a complete fraph g with n vertices show
that the number of spanning trees is at least 2(to
power n-1)-1

b ) prove that he number of edges in a n vertex
complete graph is n(n-1)/2 

c) for undirected graph G with n vertices show that
sigma d(i) = 2e where di is degree of vertex i .


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