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Re: work on translating UML into PVS

> but i can't access ORA's website: http://www.oracorp.com. I don't 

I cannot help with ORA's reports, but the company recently changed its
name and website to:  http://www.atc-nycorp.com/

There is some other work on translating some of UML into PVS.  For

@STRING{jucs = {Journal of Universal Computer Science}}
        AUTHOR = {Issa Traor\'{e}},
        TITLE = {An Outline of {PVS} Semantics for {UML} Statecharts},
        JOURNAL = jucs,
        YEAR = 2000,
        VOLUME = 6,
        NUMBER = 11,
        PAGES = {1088--1108},
        MONTH = nov

Available at http://www.jucs.org/jucs_6_11/an_outline_of_pvs

If you type "uml pvs" into www.google.com you'll find a few more.

John Rushby