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Re: Datatype-problem


> It's easy to extend every TYPE by an extra value as follows:
> extend_it[T: TYPE]: DATATYPE
>   new: new?
>   up(down: T): up?
> END extend_it
> But now I want to use the extra value for the TYPE posnat:
> new_theory: THEORY
>   IMPORTING extend_it[posnat]
> value: new[posnat]               % This doesn't work!
> END new_theory

I suppose what you want to do is to introduce the name 'value' for
the extra value that extends posnat. However, your declaration

	value: new[posnat]

would introduce 'value' as an element of the _type_ new[posnat]. The
problem is, the expression new[posnat] doesn't denote a type, but a
value. You have to use the type of new[posnat] instead, which is
(new?[posnat]). The declaration thus should read

	value: (new?[posnat]) = new[posnat]

Hope this helps,

	- Holger

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