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Question on writing a strategy


I want to write a strategy that will instantiate a formula in line fnum with
all the values in the range [min max]

i.e. my_strat(1, 3, +) should do 

inst-cp 1 +
inst-cp 2 +
inst 3 +

This seems very easy, but I am having problems incrementing the index.

I define 

(defstep my_strat (&optional min max (fnum +))
   (if (< min max) (then (inst-cp fnum min)(my_strat$ (+ min 1) max fnum))
                    (then (if (eq min max) (inst fnum min)(skip))))
    "instantiate fnum with all values from min to max"
    "instantiate fnum with all values from min to max"

Calling (my_strat 0 2) results in

Error: `(+ 0 1)' is not of the expected type `REAL'
  [condition type: TYPE-ERROR]

I do not understand what I am doing wrong with the "+". Please advise.