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Need Help!

Dear PVS community:
     Does anyone know where to find the paper on the web.
"An introduction to proving {AMN} Specifications with
                 {PVS} and the {AMN-PROOF} Tool".
The paper has been removed from the Southampton University.
  author =       "C. H. Pratten",
  title =        "An introduction to proving {AMN} Specifications with
                 {PVS} and the {AMN-PROOF} Tool",
  booktitle =    "Proc. {Z} Twenty Years on - What is its Future",
  editor =       "Henri HABRIAS",
  ISBN =         "2906082198",
  year =         "1995",
  organization = "IRIN-IUT de Nantes",
  month =        oct,
  pages =        "149--165",
  abstract =     "The AMN-PROOF Tool generates proof obligations for AMN
                 specification consistency and refinement validity in a
                 form suitable for consideration by the PVS and HOL
                 theorem provers. In this paper, we discuss our PVS
                 representation of AMN proof obligations and introduce
                 the PVS facilities of the AMN-PROOF Tool. We consider
                 an example refinement, for which the proof obligations
                 have been generated by the Tool and proved by PVS.",
  keywords =     "{AMN} specification proving; {AMN}-{PROOF} tool; proof
                 obligations ; {AMN} specification consistency;
                 refinement validity; {HOL} theorem provers; {PVS}
Yihai Chen