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Re: VAR error


Thanks for the reply...

>The error message looks like those that appear during parsing/typechecking, are you sure you 
didn't modify the file?

No, it's definitely not typechecking/parsing errors !
I get these msgs whenever I am asked to type in a new rule, then typing (tcc) gives me the
VAR error msg!

Rule?(tcc) gives me this error msg

Also, I haven't use the VAR reserved word at all..So, I don't really think that this is the 
And I haven't seen any explanation re this error msg.

______________________________ERROR MSG_______________________________________________
Found VAR when expecting
  opsym, (, (#, [|, (:, identifier, IF, TRUE, FALSE, [||], !STRING!, !NUMBER!, LAMBDA, 
Any idea why?

>It seems to me that the parser found the keyword VAR in the wrong place.
>VAR is used to define logical variables. This can save some typing. For example, instead of 
writing many formulas like
>   FORALL(n: nat): something_about(n)
>you can define ONCE the variable n:
>   n: VAR nat
>and then write: FORALL(n): something_about(n)
>(if you use the same variable n a lot, it can really help).
>The last formula is even equivalent to:
>   something_about(n) 
>(The universal quantification is added automatically).
>Your variables' names are similar to "var", check for typos.
>Good luck,
>Marcelo Glusman


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