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Re: help, !

Ela Teica said:

> I have problems with 'expanding' recursive
> definitions. get the message: 
> "Error: the assertion (EVERY #'CDR BINDINGS) failed.
>   [condition type: SIMPLE-ERROR]"

Any time you messages like this, it means PVS has crashed into
Lisp--that's a bug and we'd like to be told about (it's best to do
this via pvs-bugs@csl.sri.com because then it automatically gets
logged and tracked).

However, I cannot recreate this problem using the released version of
PVS.   Are you sure you have the current version?  It should say
              PVS Version 2.3 (patch level
on the PVS Welcome Screen.

If you can recreate the problem with the current PVS, then please send
us the script that does it.

John Rushby