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two problems running PVS

I've become aware of two problems while running PVS. I'm running
PVS Version 2.3 (patch level on an UltraSparc with Solaris...

Perhaps both problems have to do with our current platform and are not
fault or feature of PVS/emacs, but I can't tell and am seeking advice...

Problem 1.  On occasion, in circumstances I have not yet been able to nail
down by experiment, PVS/emacs will be extraordinarily sluggish when I try
to switch from one buffer to another and also when I try to open a new
buffer.  One distinctive thing that happens on these occasions is that I
see the mode label on the buffer window

      (PVS font fill : ...)

spinning madly between "run" "ready" and "resume".

Problem 2. PVS commands (for example to typecheck, or to typecheck &
prove, even to exit PVS) have occasionally quit being responsive, while
emacs commands and editing capabilities have continued to work. (This
seems recent, as if perhaps since I installed the patch to version 2.3.)
On the most last such occasion, I noticed that in the console window
from which I'd run PVS, the following emacs warning had appeared:

 Warning: Cannot allocate colormap entry for "#A5C0C1"
 Warning: Cannot parse default background color spec

Though I don't know if this has any bearing on Problem 2.

Ideas? Suggestions?