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Re: Question on new decision procedures


  > When I use the new decision procedures I get the message 
  > ? chernikova: out of table space

This a message from an external polyhedron package that is being
used by the new decision procedures. It is written in C and has
static datastructures. The message above indicates an overflow of
these datastructures (by an algorithm that is named after a Russian
mathematician). Unfortunately, for the time being, there is not a lot
more you can do but switching back to the old decision procedures.
We are working towards an improved interface to the polyhedron package
that eliminates this annoyance.

  > Also, I did not manage to find the epsilon and choose functions in the 
  > manuals. Did I just miss them (and then, please where are they) or are
  > they not there and being phased out?

These functions can only be found in the prelude (Meta-X vpf) but not in
the documentation. They are so fundamental that they will never
be changed. Promised!