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Re: User libraries in the PVS lib directory

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the reply. I need a couple of clarifications on your reply.

> Theories in the lib subdirectory are not extensions to the prelude,
> they are just a convenient repository and don't require a LIBRARY
> clause.

I understand that theories in the lib directory do not require a LIBRARY
clause. But, do user theories in the lib directory (and NOT in a
subdirectory) need an IMPORTING clause? Or can they be used without
importing them?

> Look at the documentation for M-x load-prelude-library to see how to
> extend the prelude with a specified context.

I tried this, and it worked great. The next time I started PVS from the
SAME directory, it loaded the theories in the added context automatically.
But, if I run PVS from a DIFFERENT directory, it did not load the theories
automatically. Is there any way to have the theories loaded automatically,
no matter which directory PVS is used in?

I appreciate your help. Thanks. Bye.

> Note that it is not necessary to specifically give IMPORTING clauses for
> things in the prelude - they are imported into the current context anyway.
> Dave
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Best Wishes,
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