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User libraries in the PVS lib directory


We are trying to place some theories written by us in the 'lib' directory
of our PVS installation. We assumed that we should be able to import these
theories by writing "importing UserTheory". But this does not seem to work
- PVS is unable to find this theory. We could not find any documentation
on whether this can be or cannot be done. Could you please let us know if
what we are trying to do is possible? Thanks. Bye.

Best Wishes,
	-- Murali
Murali Rangarajan  #  rmurali@ececs.uc.edu # http://www.ececs.uc.edu/~rmurali
Knowledge Based Software Engineering Lab   #   finger machines : ella, evans
Phone:           R-(513) 872 0878          #          O-(513) 556 0267 

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