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Re: Question about With

> As my understanding 'WITH' can be use to define constraint over a
> partial function.  I try to built 'env' and 'builtEnv' function which
> generate the constraint over 'env'.  I define a lemma that I hope can do
> the evaluation recursively.  Where is my mistakes ?

I'm not quite sure what you're trying to accomplish here.  Your definition
of env is a total function from extNode to signal[boolean].  builtEnv
updates it at the points indicated by the list el2, but the result is
still a total function, defaulting to the initial el1 on those parts not
updated.  Your lemma env_lm1 is basically the definition of the WITH
construct, and should prove with (then (skolem!)(lift-if)).

If you're trying to emulate a true partial function from extNode to
signal[boolean], then you'll find some methods of doing this in the
"Less Elementary Tutorial" available from


In particular, check the appendix.


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