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Re: integer_pred and mailing list

> The following is a TCC that was not automatically discharged.  It seems 
> to be saying "prove that the results of these operations is an integer" 
> but  I'm not sure what the integer_pred bit means and what I can do with
> it.

integer_pred is a predefined predicate that will return true if
the argument is an integer.  Your interpretation of the TCC is

>       (FORALL (a: int, b: int, uId: [int, int]):
>          a = PROJ_1(uId) AND b = PROJ_2(uId)
>              IMPLIES
>            integer_pred(((((PROJ_1(uId) + PROJ_2(uId)))
>                               *
>                             (((PROJ_2(uId)
>                                    - PROJ_1(uId))
>                                   + 1)))
>                              / 2)));

Put simply, the rhs of the implication is (where x and y are int):

      integer_pred( (x*y) / 2)

The non-linear nature of this expression means the decision procedures
cannot automatically decide it.  To prove it, start by assuming
that (x*y) is even, which should discharge the above.  To discharge
the assumption, proceed by case analysis on the oddness/evenness of
x and y.


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