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Re: PVS @ Linux other than RedHat

Hello, Dave,

thanks for the answer.

    Dave> support the Redhat Linux distribution as that is what is
    Dave> supported by Allegro Lisp.

Sure, that's clear.

    Dave> Try installing and using PVS on your Linux box `as is' and see if
    Dave> you come across any difficulties.

This is actually what we did. We installed pvs and the installation worked
fine. We could also invoke pvs such that the emacs-windows etc comes up. 

What did not work were things like


where pvs (or Allegro ?) answered with ``LIBRARY-FUNCTIONS'' not

Therefore we suspected that we should supply pvs with the library-package


So we fetched the libraries from your web-site and tried to install them
but failed to do so; rpm complained that some ``kernel-headers'' where

So, one question is: is the mentioned error message about
``LIBRARY-FUNCTIONS' actually related to the missing libc-devel-libraries
or does it hint to something else?  In the latter case we need not go on to
try to look around for fitting libc-libraries.