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PVS @ Linux other than RedHat


we tried to install pvs-2.1 on a linux system other than RedHat. In the
installation notes it is stated that

``    Note: we only specifically support Red Hat Linux (because this
      is what Allegro Lisp requires), but we've had reports that this
      version of PVS does also run under Slackware and Debian, and does not
      run on FreeBSD (without a change to the kernel)....''

Unimpressed by this warning we tried to install it on another
Linux-Distribution (more specifically we have SuSE-Linux 5.2, which is
based on Linux-Kernel 2.0.33). Since the installation instructions said:

      This version requires specific versions of the C libraries under
      RedHat Linux.  You can find out what versions your Linux is running
      by using rpm, and should give the following:

        % rpm -qa | egrep libc

we tried to install the rpm-package libc-devel-5.3.12-17.rpm on our system
but actually the installation failed (rpm complains about some other
packages missing or not finding them at the right place).

So, do you know, what needs to be include to get pvs running on Linux'es
other than RedHat or do you even know of users who happened to succeed on

	Martin Steffen