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Red Hat 5.0 libraries

I am running a newly installed PVS 2.1, patch level 2.417, on a Red Hat 5.0
system.  The PVS system seems to be hanging a lot, e.g. when there is a
parse error.  PVS is unresponsive in these situations and must be killed
and restarted.  I suspect a problem with library incompatibility.  In the
PVS installation information, there is a note that one should see the
following output from the Red Hat package manager:

% rpm -qa | egrep libc

However, the output on my Red Hat 5.0 system is:
% rpm -qa | egrep libc

The extra libraries are probably not causing any trouble, and I doubt
that the slightly different release numbers on libc are any trouble (i.e.
libc-5.3.12-17 vs. libc-5.3.12-25).  However, libc-devel-5.3.12-17 vs.
glibc-devel-2.0.6-8 may be cause for concern.

Can anyone confirm that this is or is not a problem?  If it is a problem,
are there any known solutions?  There has been some discussion in the
pvs-help archives that touches on this, but the answer wasn't clear to
me one way or the other.

Obtaining and installing libc-devel-5.3.12-17 might be an option,
but it may cause conflicts in other parts of my Linux system
unrelated to PVS.  Erasing Red Hat 5.0 from my system and installing
4.2 is probably an option of last resort.

Peter Ketcham