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Re: PVS file management


Thanks for your reply. I infer from it that the "foo.bin" file should
not be transferred. I still do dot exactly understand what information
the ".pvscontext" file contains. I know that one can safely remove it
from the directory. But can I safely replace this file (say on the Sun)
with the more version available on my Thinkpad, when I decide to
transfer stuff from the Thinkpad to the Sun??

Regarding the orther issue, Sun OS / Solaris, I don't have this problem
since we have moved to the Solaris version, and hence use Allegro 4.3 on
Solaris only.



Dave Stringer-Calvert wrote:
> Transfer can be completed by moving foo.pvs and foo.prf to
> the other site. You can use M-x dump-pvs-files, but it's up
> to you as to which is easier in your circumstance.
> Note that there is a peculiarity in the old SunOS version of
> PVS which will *not* prove some true theorems that will prove
> under Linux. This is a problem in the old version (4.2) of
> Allegro Lisp. If you encounter this problem, let me know and
> I can provide a 4.3 version for SunOS. The Solaris version is
> already Allegro 4.3 and does not suffer this problem.
> Dave
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