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PVS obn redhat linux 5

Dear PVS helpers:

I have just installed PVS 2.1 on my Thinkpad under redhat linux 5.0.
When I launch the pvs command, I get a huge window with the welcome
message, but I don't get the usual Emacs.

I must say I was unable to install all except one of the required C
libraries. When I did the "rpm -i ...", linux complained saying that it
could not install the package because of incompatibility with some
"glibc" versions. Out of


I was just able to successfully do "rpm -i libc-5.3.12-17".

I don't know whether this has anything to do with my problem, but I
thought I ought to mention it.

I know that someone said PVS would not run under Linux 5.0, but on the
other hand, the web page says:

1.  Red Hat Linux X86.  Download contents of

      Note this requires Red Hat Linux Version 4.0 or later.

Since 5.0 is later than 4.0, I am hoping that it will run on my machine:
note that loading seems much faster that on the Sun.

Can you help?