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Sam Owre wrote:

> It sounds like you are running the latest lisp patches with earlier Emacs
> files.  Did you run "chmod -R u+w" in your PVS directory before untarring
> the patch file?  If not, then some of the files won't have been replaced

Whoops!  Wow, looks like that solves all my problems in one shot.

Can I offer a little constructive criticism?  What with all the READMEs and
INSTALLs, all with the same names and different contents, I never did read
the PATCH-xxx files.  So I never saw the chmod -R instruction!  It would be
very helpful for newcomers if there was a single complete entry point for how
to get and install this thing.

> (I'm still looking for a "nice" way to tar files that are under RCS
> control so that they get more useful permissions).

Well, maybe I can help.  Gnu tar has a handy little option called --mode that
lets you change the mode as you store files.  Try something like this:

    tar cz --file=patches.tgz --mode=+w

> If this isn't the prblem, let me know and I'll try to clear this up as
> quickly as possible.

Many thanks!  Looks like I'm in the clear.


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