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EDIT-PROOF-AT got 5 args instead of 6

Hi PVS experts,

  Thanks for replying to my earlier configuration questions.  I am
just barely past that problem, and have hit another speed bump.

  I am following the WIFT tutorial, and have the sum theory proven.
Now I want to edit the proof.  I invoke edit-proof, and get the error
"EDIT-PROOF-AT got 5 args, wanted 6 args".  I see that edit-proof does
indeed send the edit-proof-at function, and passes 5 arguments: name,
line, origin, buffer-name, and prelude-offset.

  So: what does EDIT-PROOF-AT expect as arguments?  I'm perfectly
comfortable hacking the emacs-lisp, but I don't have any idea what the
6th argument should be---or even if the missing argument is the last

Luke Blanshard