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Re: Tcl/Tk

This is a followup to summarize Purnendu's problem.

Although he is running wish version 4.0, it turns out to be different than
the version 4.0 we are using at SRI.  In particular, it does not
understand the -elementborderwidth option to the scrollbar command.
If you are having similar difficulties, try running wish, and at the
wish prompt type

% scrollbar .scrollbar -elementborderwidth 3; pack .scrollbar -side right

It should change the wish window to an empty scrollbar.

If it doesn't, the easy thing to do is simply to update your version of
Tcl/Tk - you can get it at ftp://ftp.sunlabs.com/pub/tcl/.  If you don't
want to do that, then edit your <PVS>/wish/pvs-support.tcl file to remove
the three occurrences of "-elementborderwidth 3".  You'll have to remember
to do this each time you get a new version of PVS.