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Re: 2 Questions


unfortunately, I can't help you with your first question concerning TCC
generation, but I give a try on your second one:

     > 2. A more basic technical problem: I would like to replace a single
     > occurrence of a term in a formula that contains multiple occurrences of
     > the term. I couldn't find a way of using expand, rewrite or replace for
     > this.
     >    More concrete:
     >      I have a lemma l = r and a formula f (g(l), h(l))
     >      and I would like to replace only the occurrence of l in "g(l)"
     > with r.

It would indeed be nice to have an 'occurrence' option for rewrite and replace
as in expand. The only way I know of to simulate this is to "hide" the
occurrences that should stay unchanged:

 (NAME-REPLACE "hl" "h(l)")
 (REWRITE "lemma")
 (REVEAL -1)
 (DELETE -1)

Obviously, this approach is unacceptable if there are n occurrences out of m
to be replaced.

Best regards,

	- Holger

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