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Re: Getting help

You can get help by sending your questions to the pvs-help@csl.sri.com
mailing list.

This extends the pvs-request, pvs, and pvs-bugs mailing lists by providing
a forum for those who wish to ask PVS related questions of a group of
volunteers who are seasoned PVS users.  We encourage new users to send
questions to this mailing list, and to explore the pvs-help archives for
related questions and their answers.

This is an unmoderated list. Questions posted here will be automatically
archived at http://www.csl.last sri.com/pvs/mail-archive/pvs-help/ 
We're also using this list to prototype more sophisticated and automated
list server software: you access these capabilities (see below) by sending
messages to pvs-help-request@csl.sri.com

To ask for help on PVS, simply send your message to pvs-help@csl.sri.com 
  If you do post a question to that list, please try to ensure that
  your followup messages are also posted there so that the whole thread is
  available to others.  (We considered forcing this by setting the
  Reply-To field, but decided not to after seeing

You do not need to subscribe to the list to ask for help; simply send
  your queries and one of the volunteers should respond reasonably
  quickly.  You can see the other activity on this mailing list by looking
  in the html archive mentioned above.  If you wish to subscribe in order
  to help answer questions, or you are already a helper who wishes to
  unsubscribe then follow the instructions for the list server below.
  You can also use the list server to access the archive by email.


The pvs-help list server

Subcription/unsubscription/help/info requests should always be sent to
pvs-help-request@csl.sri.com with a one-word instruction in the subject line

To subscribe to pvs-help, simply send a message with the word "subscribe"
in the Subject: field.

As in:		To: pvs-help-request@csl.sri.com
		Subject: subscribe

To unsubscribe from the mailinglist, simply send a message with the word
(you guessed it) "unsubscribe" in the Subject: field.

As in:		To: pvs-help-request@csl.sri.com
		Subject: unsubscribe

In the event of an address change, it would probably be the wisest to first
send an unsubscribe for the old address (this can be done from the new
address), and then a new subscribe for the new address (the order is

You cannot send multiple (un)subscription requests in one mail.

If you don't have access to the web, you can get the archives by email.
Send a message to pvs-help@csl.sri.com with the word "archive" in the
Subject: field and the word "help" in the body of the message for more

As in:		To: pvs-help-request@csl.sri.com
		Subject: archive

NOTE: The -request server is generally automatic.  If you need to, you can
      get in touch with the maintainer at Owre@csl.sri.com