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[PVS-ANNOUNCE] Expedition Antarctica. See penguin colonies, whales, and leopard seals.

"No words that I can write nor pictures that I can show will ever capture the magic, the feeling and the mood of Antarctica. You simply have to go there for that. It was beyond compare and utterly beautiful in every way." -David O.

Sunrise over the ocean

No matter how much of the world you've seen, Antarctica is unlike anything you have ever experienced. The landscapes are as awe-inspiring and untouched as the day man first set eyes upon them.

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Travelers who possess a true spirit of exploration, who want to thrill their senses by connecting with extraordinary natural surrounding will have the chance to see Antarctica's gigantic ice, whales, penguins, leopard seals, and albatross. And to be among the fortunate few to step foot on the last untouched continent.

Stately rooms
Stately accommodations and gourmet meals to rival any luxury cruise ship.
Lifetime of learning
Give your children a lifetime of learning from on-board scientists and instill the spirit of adventure.

Picnic with penguins and explore antarctica polar-ad-net

Many of you wanted to expect of a typical day on a vacation to antarctica. Awake to a view of ice-covered mountains, untouched by man and seen by only a few. Ride a zodiac to shore (outerwear is provided by most expeditions) and step onto the last untouched continent. Mingle with birds and penguins as the sun brightens your morning and the view goes on and on. Run the boat around the harbor for an up-close view of albatross and seals feeding and frolicking in and about the water. Opportunities abound for close up photos. Stop for a picnic.

SFKMInternational Expeditions hopes you make it to Antarctica. Let us know at our webpage if you are no longer interested in receiving our communications or write to us at 1513 Southeast 119th, Vancouver, WA 98683-6226.

All hands on deck as a pod of humpback whales comes by to investigate the surroundings. Jump back into the zodiac for a special tour to see thousands of gentoo penguins socializing and feeding their chicks. Take a hike to higher ground, where the sheer magnitude of the colony and your surroundings are amplified. Back on the ship that evening for a hot shower and a gourmet dinner. The on-board scientist reviews the day past and day ahead and answers every question you have. Drinks in the bar. Dancing in the polar moonlight and a soft warm bed to sleep in.