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[PVS] One Postdoc Research Fellow Position on System Analysis andModel Checking

One Postdoc Research Fellow Position on System Analysis and Model Checking
Singapore University of Technology and Design

Highly motivated applicants are being sought to work on developing
model checking techniques or applying model checking techniques to
real-world problems. The postdoc will work with department of
Information System Technology and Design, Singapore University of
Technology and Design and collaborate with the software engineering
team at National University of Singapore.

The postdoc will contribute to the development of the PAT model
checker (http://www.patroot.com). PAT is a self-contained system for
specification/modeling, simulating, and verification. More details
about PAT can be found at http://pat.comp.nus.edu.sg. The position
involves conducting basic research, developing tools, working as part
of a research team, traveling, and giving presentations. The working
lanugage is English.

Candidate profile:
- A PhD in Computer Science or related areas is required.
- Expertise in Model Checking technology.
- Strong background in logic and discrete math.
- Programming skills are preferred (the language we are working with is C#).
- An established research record.

The term is currently 1 year starting immediately and can be extended
(e.g., maximum for another 3 years subject to performance). The salary
range is around 60K-85K SGD pa (1 SGD = ~ 0.77 USD).

Interested applicants should send their CV to Dr. SUN, Jun at