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[PVS-ANNOUNCE] CfP: Reachability Problems, 15-17 Sept. Liverpool, UK

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     (September 15-17, 2008, Liverpool, UK)
 *** Deadline for informal presentations is  1 August 2008    ***
 *** Limitied number of student grants are available, please  *** 
 *** contact organizers rp2008 [at] csc.liv.ac.uk for details ***

The Workshop on Reachability Problems will take place at
the University of Liverpool , Liverpool, UK on September
15-17, 2008. Papers presenting original contributions
related to reachability problems in different
computational models and systems are being sought.

The Reachability Workshop is specifically aimed at gathering
together scholars from diverse disciplines and backgrounds
interested in reachability problems that appear in
- Algebraic structures
- Computational models
- Hybrid systems
- Verification

In addition to the formal presentations, we invite researchers to present 
informal presentations. For this, please send us a brief description of 
your talk (in PDF-format, at most 2 pages) before 1 August 2008.

You can submit an informal presentation by e-mail [rp2008 at csc.liv.ac.uk]. 
Please include the following details: Your Name, E-Mail Address, Personal Homepage, 
Affiliation, Name(s) of co-author(s) (if applicable), Title of the Talk and Extended 
abstract. You will be notified whether your informal presentation has been accepted 
within a week after the deadline. 

Invited Speakers:
- Parosh Aziz Abdulla (Uppsala, Sweden) - Monotonic Abstraction in Parameterized Verification
- Juhani Karhumaki (Turku, Finland) - Reachability via Cooperating Morphisms
- Colin Stirling (Edinburgh, UK)  - tba
- Wolfgang Thomas (Aachen, Germany) - Reachability in the Infinite: Decidability and Limitations

List of Accepted papers:

- Etienne Andre, Fribourg Laurent, Thomas Chatain and Emmanuelle Encrenaz. An Inverse Method for Parametric Timed Automata.

- Kerstin Bauer, Raffaella Gentilini and Klaus Schneider. Approximated Reachability on Hybrid Automata: Falsification meets Certification.

- Yohan Boichut, Romeo Courbis, Pierre-Cyrille Heam and Olga Kouchnarenko. Handling Left-Quadratic Rules When Completing Tree Automata.

- Nathaniel Charlton and Michael Huth. Falsifying safety properties through games on over-approximating models.

- Pieter Collins and Goldsztejn Alexandre.  The Reach-and-Evolve Algorithm for Reachability Analysis of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems.

- Ingo Felscher. The compositional method and regular reachability.

- Jan Friso Groote and Bas Ploeger. Switching Graphs.

- Kai Lampka. A new algorithm for partitioned symbolic reachability analysis.

- Marisa Llorens, Javier Oliver, Josep Silva, Salvador Tamarit and German Vidal. Dynamic Slicing Techniques for Petri Nets.

- Pavel Martyugin. The length of subset reachability in nondeterministic automata.

- Arne Meier, Martin Mundhenk, Michael Thomas and Heribert Vollmer. The Complexity of Satisfiability for Fragments of CTL and CTL*.

- Maurice Margenstern and Yu Song. A universal cellular automaton on the ternary heptagrid.

- M. Praveen and Kamal Lodaya. Analyzing reachability for some Petri nets with fast growing markings.

- Klaus Reinhardt. Reachability in Petri Nets with Inhibitor arcs.


Program Committee:
- Parosh Aziz Abdulla, Uppsala
- Eugene Asarin, Paris
- Vincent Blondel, Louvain
- Olivier Bournez, Nancy
- Ahmed Bouajjani, Paris
- Cristian S. Calude, Auckland
- Javier Esparza, Munchen
- Vesa Halava, Turku
- Oscar Ibarra, Santa Barbara
- Juhani Karhumaki, Turku
- Igor Potapov, Liverpool
- Colin Stirling, Edinburgh
- Wolfgang Thomas, Aachen
- Hsu-Chun Yen, Taipei

Organizing Committee:
- Igor Potapov, Liverpool
- Vesa Halava, Turku

Contact details:
Department of Computer Science,
University of Liverpool,
Ashton Building,
Ashton Street,
Liverpool, L69 3BX
E-mail: rp2008 [at] csc.liv.ac.uk