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PVS Bugs List

This list summarizes the bug reports that have been received since PVS version 2.1 was released. Most of these were originally sent to pvs-bugs@csl.sri.com. Click on the bug number to get the full report.

The bugs not marked as open have been fixed at SRI. A release candidate is available that contains all but the most recent fixes. Please let us know at pvs-bugs@csl.sri.com to report a new bug, or to request that a previously reported bug be given priority.

based on the information below:

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 open: The problem has been filed and the responsible person notified
 analyzed: The problem has been resolved internally at SRI
 feedback: The problem has been resolved, and any changes are in the latest release
 closed: The problem has been resolved, and any changes are in an earlier release
 suspended: Work on the problem has been postponed, usually because it can't be recreated

Submitted since in chronological order.

Note: this makes use of the GNATS bug tracking system available at ftp://prep.ai.mit.edu/pub/gnu/. The report numbers have gaps because of tests and the way the GNATs system works.

Can't open database directory /csl/mail/gnats/pvs